The Birth of Home Recording

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    I'm glad to see this thread revived. Recently, I've been interested in learning more about the home video company that started it all, Andre Blay's Magnetic Video Corporation. In addition to making deals with Fox, they also made deals with United Artists, AVCO/Embassy, Viacom, ABC Video, ITC (MVC was the first to release The Muppet Movie on home video), Burt Productions, Chaplin Estate, Bill Burrurd Productions, Pathe Newsreels, and among other things, had their own sports division. Funny thing is, for some reason, the United Artists films didn't arrive on home video until around 1980 or 1981, and when they did, they were very erratic when it came to original logos. Some of them from 1919-1967 had the UA Hexagon, others did not. And some of them from 1967-1981 had the Transamerica UA from '68 or '75, others did not. BTW, here's a list of almost everything put out by Magnetic Video, as compiled and researched by yours truly:

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    Thanks for posting this Kevin! Just think how far we have come now since then! If we could watch any of these movies today in the same format with the same equipment we had then we would find out how spoiled we are now! Watching these the picture quality would be bad compared to today and no anamorphic widescreen, not good color or audio and not the proper aspect ratio! Also, the huge expense just for the movies, and cassettes, not to mention the prices of the machines! Speaking for myself, it makes me stop and consider how lucky I am to be able to watch movies and classic tv on DVD now. So i should focus on this instead of complaining about certain transfers on DVD and and costs, concentrate on the positive and be thanful for what I do have which is a lot of my favorites on great looking DVDS and Blu-Rays! I will try to remember this and focus on the positive! Thanks! Robert

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