Subwoofer output not working on pioneer vsx-1020-k

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by faceman, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I'm sorry Gus but we're all just trying to help you here and there just isn't any reason for there to be some kind of an ohm setting in the crossover menu. Is it possible you're confusing the "X-Curve" setting with the "X-Over" (crossover) setting? X-Curve goes from Off to -3 in 1/2 db increments . In any event, the first thing you have to do is to verify that the receiver is connected and set up correctly (we all make silly mistakes from time to time :blush: ) with all speakers set to Small and the crossover set to an appropriate number (80 or 100 etc). Then make sure your cable isn't defective (it happens) and then make sure the subwoofer is functioning properly. But it sounds like you just have a bum receiver. But I hope I'm wrong.
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    im sorry too. i was trying to ask for genuine help and got decent replys from most of you and if you look back, i tried my best to explain the whole ohm thing but sam just keeps berating me about it. your posts are 0% helpful and 100% condesending. thats not cool and i dont have time for BS. besides all that, i just hooked up a different sub and the receiver detected it right away and seems to be working fine. im not sure how, when or why the aiwa sub stopped working, maybe it doesnt jibe well with this receiver or maybe it just broke. at any rate, thanks for the help. sorry for the confusion and what not. most of you were very helpful. Gene your man amungst men regards

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