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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by MattHoffman, Nov 15, 2003.

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    Sorry to add another "which driver and amp should I buy..." thread to the forum; I'll try to keep this pretty focused. I've read quite extensively over the past couple of days and am trying to process a wealth of information. It will be my first DIY in the audio realm (although I'm thinking of building a couple of Dayton BR-1's too...deciding between that and nicer bookshelves...but that's a whole 'nother thread).

    The location in question is a living room of < 1500 cu.ft. that bleeds into a kitchen and dining room that add ~1200 cu. ft. It's a condo so I have to be careful with volume. SPL is not my priority anyway; adding a realistic low-end to music is. Space is also a bit limited. Luckily, there's no SAF to deal with but I'm not sure I'm secure enough to put an 8ft. tall conversation piece in the corner anyway (otherwise I may NEVER have a SAF to deal with ;-) I'm thinking of using Ascend CBM-170's as mains when funds allow, which would mean the sub would have to come up pretty high (I recall hearing that the CBM-170's need help < 90hz or so).

    All this considered, my flash education in subwoofers says that I can build a sealed sonotube (for ease of building + musicality) that's 24" by about 21" high (end-table sized for appearance) with a 12", downward-firing driver; most recently I've been looking at a DPL12. Unfortunately my driver choice seems to change with each thread I read [​IMG]

    First question: I've seen a PE 250W amp with bass boost and the Rythmik amp with an optional linkwitz crossover; are either of these necessary/worth it for this kind of application?
    Second question: Other drivers for consideration? Cost is a factor (the less this costs, the quicker I can get nice mains).
    Of course, any comments are more than welcome. Thanks for your help!

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    From all that I've read and from the simulations I've run I think the DPL 12 would be the perfect driver to go with for your application. There's no real need to use the amp with boost or an LT circuit.

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