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MA Bronze or Silver for Atmos, The pricing confuses me! Discuss... (1 Viewer)

Which option would you choose, the Cheaper, the medium, or the more expensive?

  • MA Bronze mains, with third party Ceiling Speakers to keep the price of adding atmos down

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  • Genuine MA ceiling speakers, but 5.1.2 to save money on both 2 ceiling speakers and receiver

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  • Go the full hog... MA Silvers, and 5.1.4, but take six to nine months to get there.

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Apr 3, 2017
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I've decided to leave my B&W 685/HTM-62/M1 5.1 set-up in the lounge, and need to buy a full set of speakers for my new garage conversion home cinema. The B&W’s are lovely for music as well as films, but the garage will only be used for gaming and films.

I had pretty much decided on a set of MA Bronze all round for a 5.1.4 Atmos set-up, mainly because I wanted Bi-Poles for the L/R surrounds, and the choice for bi-poles is quite restricted these days in the UK. The US seems to offer more choice, but I don't want to import.

The thing that is confusing me though is the pricing of ceiling speakers; it changes the whole pricing dynamic of a full set-up:

If I just bought a basic 5 MA Bronze set-up (Bronze 2's, Bronze Center, and Bronze FX) then they total about £720. Doing this with Silver's instead, costs £1500... Just over twice as much. I totally get that.

But then you add four in-ceiling speakers for atmos, and the overall pricing dynamic really changes...

four 6.5" CT165's (timbre match to Bronze series) cost a total of £420, whilst four CT265's (timbre match with Silvers) cost only £620 (less than 50% more than the 165's, compared with double the price difference between the Bronze and Silver main five speakers).

So adding four appropriate ceiling speakers to a five speaker Bronze set-up adds almost two thirds more cost to the set up (almost 60% more, £720 Plus the £420).

Alternatively, adding four appropriate ceiling speakers to a five speaker Silver set-up, adds only around 40% to the overall package cost.

By the time I've factored in for a new 5.2.4 receiver and the BK Sub I've been wanting (say approx £1500 total), then I'm wondering if I should just splash the extra on the MA Silver set-up in the first place!

I can't buy everything in one go anyway, as it's potentially over three and a half grand, so will be having to use an existing receiver with my existing sub and just the five new main speakers for the time-being, and then adding the new sub, receiver, and ceiling speakers over the period of the next six months or so.

I guess I just wasn't expecting the cost of four basic ceiling speakers to match the bronze range to cost so much in comparison to the five main speakers... Looks like because the silver equivalent ceiling speakers are 'relatively' cheap, then this kind of perversely discounts the additional cost of the five main silvers, hence making a full silver set-up much more tempting, especially if you factor in that I need a new amp and sub anyway...

What are your thoughts guys? Do I:

1. Get the Bronze and just use cheapish other-brand ceiling speakers (£50 each) to better manage the cost of adding atmos, or

2. forego 5.1.4 for 5.1.2, hence saving on two ceiling speakers, and also in the receiver department too (as there is s a good £200 premium for a 5.1.4 receiver over a 5.1.2), or

3. Opt for the price pain of adopting Silver’s, but take longer to build the set-up (I’m thinking I can find about £250 per month towards funding this unless circumstances change).

I guess whatever I do, I've got to factor in obsolescence period of five years for the receiver, and ten at most for the speakers, and so whatever I spend will have to make sense over those time-scales.

If you've gotten this far, What's your take?

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