Star Wars Insider: Anyone else subscribe to it?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by DeathStar1, Jun 3, 2002.

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    It's been an interesting ride these past few years...the most unique developments taking place last year. First, we suddenly have a shortage of magazines. Then, a letter comes in the mail stating the magazine is in new ownership, and they are rushing out the other ones as fast as possible. Now we have to many to catch up with [​IMG].
    The New Owner ship took a bit of time to get used to writing the magazine. It used to be filled with Star Wars Catchphrazes in every article, that I found extremly fanboyish and highly annoying. Thankfully, they seemed to have stopped that and gotten a bit more proffesional in their articles, and it's a major improvement.
    However, am I the only one who dosn't care for all of the extra 'promotional articles' they throw in for their parent company? Mostly stuff for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game and trading cards. I could care less about this stuff, yet I read it anyway just to finish off the magazine. Most of the explinations they give for these games are like Japanese to me, and go over my head...
    Just wondering if I'm the only one that dosn't care for this practice? [​IMG]
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    I subscribe to it. That stuff is just thrown in to take up space. I just ignore it, too. Good mag, though, and always has good articles. Just wish they'd do an in-depth on the studio models of the original trilogy once in a while.

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