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Feb 7, 2001
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Thanks Neil for another great review! I received the 4K releases of Star Trek The Motion Picture DE, Star Trek 5 and Star Trek 6 on release week. I still have not been able to get myself to watch Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan and the others. I much prefer Star Trek The Motion Picture. Which is to say a much unexpected reversal of opinion. As does happen as one goes through life, their opinion and point of view shifts. (Though I loved Star Trek TMP at the release time and never disliked it)

In my youthful days when these films first came out, I took the day off with friends to go the big screens in San Francisco to see the first showing on the first day of release. I loved them each one. And as they came out on video tape, then laserdisc and DVD, I picked them up and indulged in many more viewings of them!

I guess you can say that the advent of the Next Generation films and especially the JJ Abrams films, those films really soured my enjoyment and took some enthusiasm out for the original series films. What I find difficult is Star Trek 2-The Roth of Khan, as Shatner pronounces it, became the blue print of nearly every movie after it. An evil Villain to do battle with with predictably similar plots and destructive outcomes. Star Trek The Motion Picture was about something. There’s nothing wrong with doing fun movies where spaceships are doing battle. But I’ve gotten tired of it and I’m surprised to say that!

But as I’ve been reading all these reviews of the TOS films coming out on 4K blu ray, it’s renewed interest in these once favorite TOS Star Trek films. At some point soon, I will try to watch the remaining 5 TOS films. I am curious how they look and sound. And taking time away from them, they should be almost like new again.

Just one question Neil, your review said the original series cast was on their 4th decade on the Enterprise? At that point in history, it was the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Unless you are referring to some in-universe aspect I’m missing. Spock’s 13 years with Pike, and then Spock’s time with Kirk in command. That’s 38 years, so that makes sense from that point of view. :)
I watched the tmp directors cut twice last week. Once with the commentary and of course just a standard watch along with the extras.

I took my sons to the wrath of khan screening. I’m hoping to watch 3 with them soon. It’s been a long time for me since I sat down and watched that one!

So I have only watched the first 2 films on 4k. I’ve had the 4 film set for months. Like I said I’m waiting to watch them with my sons though.

I did sample them when they updated on iTunes. It will be a treat to watch them!

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