Special note to Jack Briggs: New HDTV Wow factor!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by RobertR, May 24, 2002.

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    Dec 19, 1998
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    Some time ago I posted about the superb quality of a program on HDNet called Bikini Destinations. Wonderful visuals, and technically as good as I've seen. Well, I saw a program last night that produced more audible gasps and exclamations of "oh my God!" than any other HDTV program I've seen. It was NASA footage, showing one of the Shuttle missions. Simply awesome! What was so startling about it was that it combined the "looking out the window" effect of the best HDTV with views that very few people can actually see in person. One shot actually gave me a bit of vertigo, as it looked straight down the long axis of the Shuttle to the Earth below. From now on, I am utterly spoiled with respect to orbital views of this magnificent blue orb we live on. Hollywood depictions are but pale imitations of what I saw. Seeing land masses and islands pass by below this way shows far, far more detail than Hollywood FX could ever show.

    I think that most every long time SF fan has had a desire to go into space. After seeing this program, that desire is strengthened considerably.
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    Robert, try seeing it in an IMAX, blow you away!
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    Thank you for posting, Robert.

    People, Robert possesses a full-blown, all-out home-theater, based on an NEC projector with 9-inch CRTs. His system has received the "experts' seal of approval"--he had the privilege of running a demonstration of the D-VHS D-Theater high-definition platform on his system recently. From what I understand, people who really, really do know about such things were complimenting Robert on his system's resolution.

    When I read this post, my mouth started watering. I bet those images looked awe inspiring in true high definition. You actually experienced vertigo.


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