Sound Problem with RCA DTC100

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    Hi Everyone-

    I have my RCA DTC100 hooked up through my Denon 3801 Receiver for over a year with no problems until now. I do not recieve any sound through any directv channel that is broudcasting in dolby digital. All other channels are fine.

    The dolby digital from my dvd player is fine and when I switched optical cables I still did not recive any sound. I called Directv, Denon and Thomson Electronics and all said that they could not figure out the problem. Thomson Electronics said they will swap my existing unit for a refurbished one at $239 plus shipping. They agreed to take back the the refurbished model if it turns out that the one I have now is not the problem. I also made sure that all settings on the rca and denon were on auto sellect

    Please advise me as to what this problem can be and how to handle it.


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    I have experienced similar problems with this receiver, only instead of no sound I would sometimes get a 'popping' sound(pop-pop-pop-pop....). After a while, I became afraid this might ruin my speakers and switched to the Mits. HD5. From my numerous complaints to TCE, I finally understood that they were aware of the popping problem and would try to solve it with a s/w upgrade. Not sure if what you are experiencing is the same cause or not. It might help to ask TCE if these could be related, also let them know what version s/w you have. IMO, I wouldn't go for the swap program because like I said you will probably go from no audio to a pop-pop-pop problem. Good luck.

    P.S. BTW, I was using the L/R audio connections. I am not sure if you are using these or the optical. May be a difference there too.

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