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    hey lads
    seeing as this is the basics area i do have one real basic question here!
    ok we just got a new HE system at home -
    • Sony KV-36FS70U 36" WEGA Widescreen TV
    • Sony STR-DB1070 AV Receiver
    • Sony SA-VE705 Pascal speakers and sub
    what i want to know, basically is something about my amp.ive been reading a few reviews online about it,and they all say that it is has an onscreen display that should be used.
    i cant seem to find out how to access that menu through the tv. any ideas/suggestions?
    the only thing i can think of is that the amp has a few video connectors on the back of it, just above the audio phono cables that i have the connected into the tv.
    well my tv doesnt have the corresponding video (yellow cououred) connectors on the back of it. it just has 3 scart connections and the two audio out phono connectors.
    is this the problem?if not,would anybody else know how i could get to this onscreen menu??
    any help is appreciated
  2. Mark H

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    Mark Hyland

    To utilise the on-screen display you will need to be using the S-video connections, which may be an inconvenience if you are using SCART (which I hope you are!) to connect the components together. However the on-screen display is crap and you're not missing out on much - trust me, I'm Irish!!!

  3. Bill Kane

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    As indicated, connect an S-Video cable from the Sony MONITOR OUT to the tv, then switch the tv's inputs to the appropriate Video 1, or Video 2, to see the display.

    I am not familiar with euro style Scart plugs vs. S-Video on yr tv, so perhaps you can borrow a cable to check it out first.

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