Sony DVP-NS75H my take!!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by johnADA, Oct 9, 2006.

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    First, let me start of with some back ground.
    I'm not new to this stuff and I own 2 LCD TV's, which one is a year old and the other going on 2 years, 37 inch and 26 inch.
    I have currently a Samsung HD-841 on the 26 inch and had a Samsung HD-931 on the 37 inch.
    The 931 crapped out after just over a years usage, so after reading every review I could on every player out there I choose to buy this Sony.
    Got it home Friday night, unwrapped it and hooked it up and then went through the setup part.
    First off I noticed a very hard white push with the unit on brightly lite, white scenes.
    Colors were a bit washed out like it had too much contrast to it, which also plays into my white push I saw.
    Then using a HDMI to DVI cable, I could get it to go over a 720x480 setting.
    Saturday, most all day I toyed with the unit.It has the capability to adjust some picture functions which I tried using a Avia disc. Not even with the TV adjustments could I get a decent contrast/brightness setting that would show the gray scales.By the time I had turned everything setting down to adjust for white push to make it bearable, I lost everything else.
    I called Sony tech support and they went through every setting to make like I was and idiot. Nope still wont go over 720x480 and looks white pushed, so they blamed it on my TV. Well I set it up on my other TV, same exact problems to a "T". They said the unit maybe bad, so I took it back and got another.
    Same thing, different unit and also added a second cable into the ordeal to make sure it wasnt the cable.

    Called Sony tech support again, same deal, its your TV isnt set up right. Yeah, OK, neither TV has a problem with the units they have or had on them, my cable boxes have no problem also, but its the TV. I asked them how you would set the TV so it would be 720P or 1080i, full well knowing the answer, well no comment on their part.

    I also tried component , which I knew would only be at 720x480P max and it wasnt any better on either TV I tried.

    My Samsung HD-841 is no great unit, but looks4 times or more better than this Sony and my HD-931 would when it worked, blow this thing away.

    Took it back today, got all my money back on everything I purchased, ordered the Oppo 971H I was tooooooo cheap to get in the first place. So will see when it arrives later this week!!
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    I tried the H75 out a while back and wasn't impressed. Either the Oppo 970 or 971 is a much better player.

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