Some of this is starting to sink in....

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Bernie_A, Feb 16, 2004.

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    Man, after a billion hours of reading and a couple billion more to go, some of this is starting to make sense. Help me understand another baby step:

    A multi-channel integrated amp will have either 2-3-4 outputs to hookup into a reciever that has the same number of inputs...or visa-versa. I have never seen the back of an amp or pre-amp so there is still a little doubt on my part.

    Mainly, instead of buying say 3 mono-blocks, I could buy 1 intergrated 3 channel amp that would do "basically" the same thing........

    sorry...newbie stuff here but I think I am starting to grasp some of this.....

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    Integrated refers to an amp that includes the pre section, but has no processing, and they typically only come in the 2ch variety.

    What you say does apply to your basic power amp though, 2 through 7 channels. Techincally, the inputs are on the amps, and the receiver's outputs feed them, but you have the right idea and the connection is the same.

    Yes, 3 monoblocks will do the same thing as a 3 channel amp, however, if the 3ch amp uses a single shared power supply, the monos will be capable of delivering more total power due to the fact that each has it's own power supply.

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