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So, come Saturday, I will be the proud owner of a 50HDX82 (1 Viewer)


Apr 1, 1999
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Paul M
This was a total impulse buy (knew what I wanted, but wasn't planning on buying today), a friend and I were in Futureshop so he could buy a vacuum (he's moving into a townhouse on Tuesday). We couldn't find any help and ended up talking to a buddy of mine in audio who gave him a great deal on the vacuum, and I casually asked him about this Toshiba 50HDX82, he said they were going clearance and could get me a good price, I've done a ton of reading on this set and from everything I see, it's amazing, have spent quite a bit of time in front of one as well. This seems like THE set. (the issues and problems have been a tad concerning but it's coming from the warehouse so hopefully a new set that doesn't have these issues anymore) I didn't get the warranty. It comes with 2 years, with the first being onsite.

So we ring up the vacuum for my buddy (a real good deal considering the low-ish markups in appliances), and at the till he gives me the price, it's the last day of the month and he happens to be a manager there. He's motivated and gives me what I consider to be a STINKING good deal on it. I bought it on the spot (we were in a HUGE rush cause his family had wanted us to come out for dinner about a half an hour ago by that time) and out we went with my receipt and a big SH1T EATIN grin on my face.

It comes Saturday, no particular time, and I'm kind of stunned. Tell me what to do now!!?? I'm going to measure I suppose to make sure it fits through my sliding glass door in my apartment (ground floor, no ramps, rope and pulleys here, Mike!) hopefully it'll go in the box completely so they don't have to wheel it along the paths out back here...

Please, what else do I do?!!?


(I need to order Avia!)

Bill Bird

Sep 9, 2002
Had mine for three weeks now and I'm very happy. I reccommend AVIA or failing that the Sound & Vision version is similar and may be more readily available and cheaper to boot. Get Michael TLV to calibrate your set for you once you have had a chance to get it set up, tweaked with AVIA and broken in for 100 hrs or so. Mine is not calibrated yet but it will be soon and you have Michael in Calgary anyway so take advantage of his services from all reports it is $ well spent.

Marc Carra

Supporting Actor
Aug 31, 1997
Yes, definitely get the set ISF calibrated in a few months. I just got my Panasonic HDTV calibrated after owning it a year, and it is the best investment I've ever made. I thought I had tweeked it to the point where it couldn't look any better. Now after the ISF cal, it looks 110% better. I'm seeing colors and detail that I've never seen before.


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