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Six Feet Under 5/12/02 (1 Viewer)

Paul Jenkins

Supporting Actor
Jan 4, 2000
Really enjoyed last night's Six Feet Under. Nate finally comes clean to Brenda, I see her having to come clean to him by the final episode (only 2 left :frowning:)
I like that David is starting to mature in his relationship and dealings with people, the way he handled the lady suing Fisher and Sons was great.
Rico is heading for a separation with the wife I think, wonder how that will affect his work. The hot dog down the throat killing the old lady was too much!
Seemed like the brought back up the counsler/Claire thing, I see them maybe hooking up after she starts Art School?
This was my favorite episode of this season so far and makes me look forward to the last 2.

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
You know, I really can't imagine how Brenda is going to remain in the cast - how Nate will reconcile their relationship when he finds out what's going on. She's quite a bitch with a double standard with her reaction to his admission. I realize though, that she's sick and needs therapy, badly. I knew this would develop when Billy was removed from her day-to-day, but I didn't think it would ever get this bad. I now would rather see Nate with the Rabbi. This is unfortunate because Rachel Griffiths is an incredible talent. I just can't see her character being forgiven.
Rico and his wife could seperate, but again, I think his BS was machismo. I think he'll reconcile with her if it ever comes to that.
David gets a backbone. I'm thrilled about this. I was half expecting Keith's dad to just take her by force. I think they'll be up for a custody fight before this was over.
The legal papers being served was a bait and switch on the previews. I was fully expecting it was a paternity/child support suit.
Who thinks that the law suit is buried? Or do you suppose it will return?
I loved the counsellor indicating that Ruth might be depressed as opposed to Claire. It would not hurt for both of them to get help. I do love Ruth though. Some MAY call her codependent, but to me she's just loving to the extreme. Anyone should count themselves lucky to be found in her "family".
Only 2 more episodes left :frowning:. I hate to wait another year to see more.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999

My title for the episode: "Honesty"

The opening death is a murder in a hospital (some whining woman who won't shut up is murdered by her room mate who stuffs an entire hot dog in the woman's mouth and dies from suffocation. Rico's wife Vanessa and another nurse find the woman not breathing and they are too late, the whining woman dies. Later, with the referal to Fisher and Sons, Rico thinks that the bruising around the woman's neck indicates foul play, plus finding the hot dog in her throat is the other telltale sign. The cops are called in, an investigation ensues, and Vanessa and the other nurse are fired for their negligence in the matter (hospital is just covering that butts). Rico was amazed at how everything happened - the irony of it all (he turning in the body, and his wife gets fired for the incident).

Nate and Brenda go to Rabbi Ari for pre-marital counselling, and Brenda is rolling her eyes through the whole process. Ari stresses the importance of honesty. Nate finally fesses up to Brenda that Lisa is pregnant with his child. Brenda shuts down emotionally, can't contact her brother Billy, and continues to engage in sexual escapades (this time with a couple of young guys looking for some hit off her joint while she's sitting on her porch). She finally comes back to Nate and tells him that she needs him in her life. She hasn't told him about all of her one-night stands/etc yet.

Keith's father and mother show up with the intentions of taking Taylor to live with them. Keith is okay with the idea, but David is not. David convinces Keith that Taylor should stay with them, not his parents. Keith stands up to his father, and Taylor stays with Keith and David.

Claire and Parker get high on mushrooms that her aunt gave her inside some cannister. While high, Claire makes Ruth some hideous jester's pants with bells. Ruth even wears them the next day, much to Claire's shame as she recovers from the mushrooms.

Fisher and Sons is being sued for emotional distress by the woman whose husband fell off a boat and was run through the propeller, mangling his entire body beyond repair for an open casket viewing. She insisted on seeing the body, and Nate acceded to her request. David consults a lawyer who tells him to settle with the woman. Mitzi (Kroner's) shows up to let the Fishers know that she's paying for the woman's lawyers in this lawsuit in hopes to putting Fisher and Sons out of business. David, as a last ditch effort, goes to the woman to settle, and she's pretty much flippant about the whole thing ("not my problem") when David explain's Nate's newness to the industry. Then David lashes out on the woman's victimhood past and pushes the woman buttons (and explains to her that she's being vindictive at the wrong people and the lawsuit would bankrupt them). Finally after some tense moments, the woman rushes to tear up the lawsuit papers so that David would leave her home.

Ruth pays off Nikkolai's $87,000 debt. This was money that David and Nate hope to be able to use to offer for a settlement earlier. But the deed was done. Nikkolai wasn't too appreciative of the gesture (since he didn't ask her to bail him out).

Ruth visits the school guidance counselor about Claire's depression, but he doesn't think it's anything major, and offers some brochures for an arts college for Claire. Then he turns the table on Ruth and ask her is she's doing anything about her own depression.

Ari shows up at the Fishers, and talks with Nate. Nate still has the hots for Ari, but she has none of it for now. She does give Nate a pre-need referral, who turns out to be a guy with pancreatic cancer with a bad attitude on funerals in general and how his life didn't amount to much, thus having no one to care about his impending demise. Nate's own condition makes it more sympathetic to the guy.

So we get more backbone from David (his scene with the woman of the lawsuit was great). Keith also is getting a backbone when he went up against his father, who has a bad temper and slapped his kids around in their younger days.

Comments on character development:

Nate is still coming to grips with his mortality and his ideas on marriage and whether he and Brenda are right for each. Brenda is just looking for safe harbor with Nate, I don't think she really loves him the way he needs to be loved (but Nate's messed up in that department as well). Ruth's need to be needed will only land her in more trouble (whether it be throwing away money on a man incapable of loving her the way she needs, or being the mother her children need her to be, not the mother she is to her children.). Claire is still on a self-discovery bent, and having Parker on the scene is a recipe for self-esteem disaster.

Lee L

Supporting Actor
Oct 26, 2000
It looks more and more to me like Brenda has some personality disorder. She seems to totally compartmentalize her freaky side like it does not exist when she is around Nate, even to the point of getting sanctimonious about his affair without a hint of introspection on her part.

I can't help but think that the Rabbi and Nate are going to be an item. She certainly seems to be leading Nate on. The way she looks at him has ME mesmerized that's for sure. She went too far out of the way to mention that she was totally unavailable to him to make me believe she meant it.

Todd Terwilliger

Feb 18, 2001
Nate seems to be a pretty normal guy having to go through some extraordinary events. His problem- communicating with women - is pretty normal for guys.

Brenda truly has issues. She's on the passing lane to ruin.

Rabbi Ari is just too hot. Nate's got to make a play. Brenda isn't helping by being her usual unresponsive self in that first session.


Senior HTF Member
Jul 24, 2000
Yeah, this episode was all about Brenda. Everything else paled in comparison to her freakish drug-fueled behavior. That whole sequence with her sitting on the porch and then having sex with the two guys was really creepy.

I wonder when and how she will tell Nate. Or even IF she will. If she gets better (there's no doubt in my mind that she is mentally ill), maybe she won't even tell him.

I wonder if her hooker-friend (who seemed rather normal, judging for example by her behavior at the sex-party) will come back into the story again?

I liked how David is starting to stand up for himself more. Keith has been a real prick the past few episodes. I hope he doesn't become violent like his father.



Senior HTF Member
Jul 24, 2000
But she's not available "even on your wildest fantasies", or how did she express it? The way she said it came across more as a dare than as a fact...


Senior HTF Member
Nov 15, 1999
I like the hooker too (Nate would be better off with her than with Brenda).

Anybody else expecting Brenda to contract AIDS or some other form of VD?

Larry Price

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 30, 1997
I think the Rabbi said that because she wouldnt want to be a part of an interfaith marriage.

Luckily, I am a "member of the tribe".

Gary Kellerman

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 30, 1999
Patrick; maybe TIME/AOL WARNER can set up a date with you and the Rabbi on text seasons show. You can tell her you would love to sample a nice hot KASHA KNISH.

Butch C

Second Unit
Dec 13, 2001
Am I the only one who realises that with all the women and gay characters the only way to introduce female love interests is through Nate?

My hope for the final intro death of the year...Brenda...I cannot stand her character (Im so fucking smart and cool) and rachel Griffiths looks bother me. Kill her and bring on Rabbi Ari!

What does Nate expect...how did he meet Brenda anyway? Basically 'Lets Hump!'

Dave Morton

Supporting Actor
Oct 19, 2000
Real Name
I'm waiting for Brenda to contract some sort of STD. With all this promiscuity, she's got to contract some disease. Also, when those two guys came in for a hit of weed and they showed Brenda lying flat on her stomach on the bed and the guy was humping her on top, was that an implication that she was taking it up the poop shoot (for lack of a better term)? I bet with all these people suddenly saying "Hi" to Brenda, as the previews suggest, will cause some questions to pop up in Nate's head. Maybe he will confront the hooker friend and get the scoop.

I thought Claire on shrooms was great.

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