Should I upgrade my receiver?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Keith_R, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Hey all,

    I recently had to upgrade my speakers after having two of my old HTiB speakers die. I upgraded to Klipsch Quintets and am pairing them with a Polk Subwoofer. Currently I am pairing everything with a Yamaha RX-V465 ( receiver that I've had for about 3 years and been very pleased with.

    I've now been bitten with the upgrade bug though and am mildly interested in upgrading my receiver too.The big thing my V465 lacks is 3D hdmi switching, I do own a 3D tv and would be interested in eventually using the 3D capabilities of it. Everything I have seen online seems to indicate that doing 3D through my current receiver will be a pain so this is a big part of my reasoning to upgrade.

    Looking around it seems like I can get a decent 3D ready receiver for $200-$300.


    I am not an audiophile but do appreciate good sound. I would like to keep this at $250-$300 max if I did it, and am mainly motivated by the desire to move to something just a hair more current that will fully support all of my gear. I'm open to all brands but really like Yamaha.My receiver will need to function as an hdmi switcher for a ps3, a Xbox360,and Tivo Premiere. Most of the usage for my receiver is blu-ray & gaming, with some tv watching and some music.

    What should I do? Is it worthwhile for me to upgrade my receiver or will this be stupid?


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    The yamaha 371 doesn't include the YPAO automatic setup and room correction program so if at all possible jump up to the 471
    . Otherwise, has great prices on the Pioneer 521, 821, and 921
    Or, as always, shop for a Denon or Onkyo factory refurb
    If a "hair more current" is all you need then look for a good deal on last years models. The Onkyo 309 vs the 313 for instance.

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