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Sherbourn 7/2100? B&K 2000.7? Aragon 2007? / B&K Ref50? Anthem AVM-20? (1 Viewer)

Pierre G

Apr 7, 2003
Which amp and controller?

Sherbourn 7/2100? B&K 2000.7? Aragon 2007? / B&K Ref50? Anthem AVM-20?

The Sherbourn is bridgable while the Aragon doesn't include balanced inputs.

If possible pls suggest an online store, as I am outside the US, Wouldn't mind a used Amp.

I decided to go separates after intensive research on the Denon AVR-5803(Denon AVC-A1SR), Sunfire Ultimate Reciever and a couple more from Pioneer and Onkyo.

The amp is the pressing issue for me, I might not go with the mentioned controllers but rather buy a THX Select receiver and use it as a processor/pre-amp like the Pioneer 2011 (the equivalent in the US is the 47 I think)


Jamo D7PEX THX Ultra 2, comprises of 5 main speakers, 2 Surround and 1 Subwoofer, I added another Sub so now I have 7.2.

Everything is 4 ohms.

The mains each called D7 LCR:

System: 3 Way closed, shielded
Frequency Range: 80-40000Hz
Woofer: 2x5.5"
Midrange: 2x2.5"
Tweeter: 1" DCD
Power handling: Short/Long 200/400W

The Surrounds D7 SUR:

System: 3 Way, Dipole
Frequency Range: 80-40000Hz
Woofer: 5.5"
Midrange: 4x2.5"
Tweeter: 2x1" DCD
Power handling: Short/Long 100/250W

The Subwoofers D7 SUR:

System: Elec. subwoofer closed, MFB
Frequency Range: 20-200Hz
Woofer: 15"
Amp. Rated Output: 400W/700W peak
Upper cutoff: Adj. 40-200Hz
Maximum SPL (


Second Unit
Jan 21, 2003
The aragon doesnt include unbalanced inputs ?

I personally wouldnt worry about the bridgeable part. It has been my experience that bridging is more detrimental to the sound then that of a benfit..adding a harshness/edge to the sound that is unaturely.

b/k ref 50 and anthem are both excellant performers but not exactly equals in price/performance...I guess it comes down to money as usual ( ah, what the heck get the anthem;) )

Pierre G

Apr 7, 2003
My mistake John, I meant it doesn't include "balanced" and I corrected it.

What about the power-amp??? :)

I saw the Aragon Stage One, where does it stand compared to the Anthem and B&K?

I have no experience in separates, I wonder if there is a link to shed some light on balanced vs. unbalanced, I noticed the Ground is the difference, but what's the impact on sound?

Now that you mentioned it, I wouldn't worry about bridging.

It's not limited to the mentioned brands, I would really appreciate any new ideas.


John Tompkins

Supporting Actor
Aug 30, 2000
As to your question about what balanced connections do, well you could open up a can of worms there;) ..As I understand it, balanced connections are really only better then regular connections for long runs (over 25 ft) and that there is not much benifit (if any) for shorter runs.

The stageone is up there with the anthem in price/performance (Ive seen some who prefer the anthem and some who prefer the stageone)..I can say that I own a aragon soundstage and it has the best analog bypass/two channel performance of anything Ive owned. Noise levels are extremly low and movies have major impact.

Th ref50 is also a heck of a performer from reviews that I have read and also much cheaper...

Amps ?..I wouldnt buy new personally as there are too many fine choices on the used market..maybe you could list some YOU may be interested in.

Pierre G

Apr 7, 2003
I am most interested in the B&K 200.7, another choice is the Aragon 2007.

Most probably I'll get the B&Ks, New Ref 50 and used 200.7 for one reason: Multi voltage and 50~60Hz cycle, I called them directly and confirmed this. (I live outside the US).

But if I was a US resident, I would probably stop and have a further look at the Anthem AVM-20.

I need some hints on where I can buy these online, a place where they accept international credit card and cost effective.

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