Scott Weiland - Happy in Galoshes

Discussion in 'Music' started by AnthonyC, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I'm a big Stone Temple Pilots fan but I was reluctant to pick up Scott Weiland's second solo album that was just released today because I thought his first solo release, 12 Bar Blues, was awful.

    But Best Buy offered a deluxe edition for $17 that includes an entire extra disc of songs (the double disc version is resequenced) and a voucher for a free t-shirt. I figured that even if the music sucked, 17 bucks is cheaper than an official STP band t-shirt, so I went for it. And all I have to say album of 2008. Sounds nothing at all like STP but there's a huge variety of sounds here. There are elements of 12BB but the songwriting itself is much stronger, and vocally Scott sounds great for the most part (his voice doesn't exactly fit all the genres he attempts but the songs are still good).

    I highly recommend the Best Buy version if only because of one of the tracks it has that's not on the single disc release--"Hyper-Fuzz-Funny-Car." I know, the title is stupid, but this is an insanely catchy song and one of the highlights of an incredibly (and surprisingly) consistent album.
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    I picked this disc up at BB as well, but have yet to open it. It got a good review (4/5 stars) at Allmusic and they rarely steer me wrong so I went for it. I hope to check it out soon.

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