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Oct 27, 2002
just a quick question, I just got a house and i have a 28x18 foot room in my basement that i am making into a dedicated theater, the room will me almost pitch black even on the brightest days..... I was wondering if anyone has used a Z1 to project a 130" diagonal screen, and if so does the picture still look good at this size?

Tony Mc

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Jan 27, 2002
The throw calculator at projectorcentral.com shows that for the Z1 to throw a 130" diagonal picture, the projector should be mounted no closer than 12'10" or so. With a throw distance that far, not sure if the picture quality will be optimal. The further the projector throw, the less pq your will get. I read that a diagonal of 92-106" for the Z1 will give the best pq.

David K.

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May 14, 2004
I currently use a 89"-90" screen SDE is noticeable, but not as bothersome as some may have you to believe, standard brightness contrast ratio & Black levels were horrid out of the box, I busted out my DVE and fixed it, now its decent.

Video Calibration is VERY difficult with this projector.
After some research I have noted some procedures to follow for longer lamp life. Hard switch off the projector when not in use after the fan shuts off, limit the number of times the projector is switched on and off per day ie. its better to have it on for 5 hours straight then switched on and off 3 times within an hour. ive used about 125 hours so far. Ive noticed the lamp has already dimmed significantly since its initial first few hours. hasnt dimmed anymore yet..after the initial dimming.

switch immediately to low lamp econo mode, dont use it in high power mode, itll increase fan speed and increase chances of dust blob. I got my first duest blob because the fan was in high speed mode for one movie viewing. This was within the first week.

some unedited photos


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