Samsung DLPs T6176S or 61A750 opinions?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Paul_III, May 1, 2008.

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    My last TV I had for close to 8 years (old 65" Pioneer Elite) so I've been reading up on the newer technologies, and although LCD looks much better than it used to (PQ and pricewise), I still want to go slim DLP, and these are my top two choices right now. Basically what I've come down to is that I can get the older T6176S for around $1413, and the 61A750 for about $1844, so about $400 difference. My question is for those that own either of these sets or just know these TV's/technologies inside and out, are the updates in the 61A750 worth the extra $400? BTW, $400 isn't going to break my budget either way, just trying to figure out if the value is there.
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    Near as I can tell, the older model you're looking at doesn't use LED tech for the light engine, but the newer one does. If nothing else, that saves you the need to budget for a bulb replacement or two, which can easily offset the price diff you're talking about. Also, that older one uses a color wheel that can yield the "rainbow" issue that some folks notice while the newer one does not.

    If you really want to compare w/ last year's model (w/ the LED light engine), you should actually compare the 61A750 w/ the T6187SAX, not the T6176S. And that one seems to cost about the same as the new one that replaces it unless you find some special clearance deal.

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    As Man pointed out, the 750 is LED-based. You'll make up that $400 the first time you don't have the replace the bulb (about 2-4 years depending on usage).

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