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May 22, 2003
Anyone know if the Sam's club online only bundle with Gears of War comes with the component cables?...I read the description, and it comes with two wireless controllers, the hard drive, the plug and play kit, gears of war, the ethernet cable, but does not mention the component cables....

also, what exactly is the plug and play kit?...i was going to buy the rechargeable battery packs that can charge two batteries at a time, is this the same thing or is the plug and play kit something different all together?

thanks for the advice, im a newbie when it comes to the 360 and am looking to buy one here soon i think, and just want to make sure i get all the things i need....


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Jul 3, 1997
I can't help you with the question regarding the inclusion of a component cable in the Sam's Club bundle (although I thought that the component cable was standard in the 20G HD version unless I'm mistaken.) But I can answer your question regarding the "Plug and Charge" component. This piece allows you to charge your wireless remote by plugging it into one of the front USB ports on the XBox 360. This way you can continue to play if the battery charge runs low. You can also recharge the battery when the 360 is in standby mode. A charge lasts ~25 hours.

That said, I also purchased the recharging stand that handles two batteries at a time. It's really a very nice unit and does its job efficiently. Well designed.

Incidentally, I believe that the "Plug and Charge" module has another potential use. Since it makes your wireless control into, essentially, a wired controller with a USB plug, someone mentioned you can use it as a controller for PC games as well. I haven't personally done this but the feel and the response of the 360 remote is so nice that I imagine it might enhance PC gaming if you're into this. This assumes that the interface allows for smooth reaction times, etc. on the PC. Perhaps someone else with experience can chime in here.

The bottom line:
  • "Plug and Charge" Not a bad thing to have.
  • "Rechargeable stand" (2 batteries) - I like it a lot.
Both items have their place in your gaming arsenal.

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