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Rockford Fosgate, and components vs. 2-Way

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Lyle_JP, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Lyle_JP

    Lyle_JP Screenwriter

    Oct 5, 2000
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    I just got a new/used Nissan Altima, and the factory stuff is naturally garbage, so I'm upgrading. However, since my passion has always been home theater, I know next to nothing about car audio.

    Still, I've chosen my head unit. It's the Panasonic CQ-DFX983U. I chose it because it was the only HU that seemed to have everything I wanted (Sirius, MP3/WMA, hi-res dot-matrix display). But now that I'm on speaker selection I'm stymied.

    First of all, for now I will only be using the head units internal amps. I've been looking for something that will be a no-brainer to install and Crutchfield's web site shows me that there are some Rockford Fosgate speakers that will fit my car nicely... with a catch. The front speakers would have to be component (mid/woof in door, tweeter mounted elsewhere). For my rear deck speakers I have the choice between some all-in-one 2-ways from RF or components as well.

    So here are my questions:
    1. Does Rockford Fosgate make good speakers? I know they're known for their amps and subs, but I don't know much about their speakers.
    2. Do separates make a big difference in sound? Are they harder to install? How critical is tweeter placement?
    3. If I go with Components in the front, must I also do so for the rear? Would there be an advantage/disadvantage either way.
    4. Finally, is there a Car Audio forum like the HTF that anyone here recommends?

    Thanks in advance for any help you kind folks can give me.

    -Lyle J.P.
  2. Scott L

    Scott L Producer

    Feb 29, 2000
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    You can try and read through a couple of the threads here to learn the basics. But here we go:

    1. No. Well not when you can spend the same amount or less on CDT, Focal, or MB Quart.

    2. Yes. Yes. Pretty important but most just drill a hole at the top corner of their door. Most tweets have the ability to swivel where you want.

    3. No. Disadvantage is you won't get as good sound in the rear seat. No biggie since you're usually up front. [​IMG]

    4. www.caraudioforum.com

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