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    Billy Joel: The Essential Video Collection is a compilation of Billy Joel’s videos, as well as clips of a few of his live performances. All videos are full frame except Allentown which is non anamorphic widescreen and all are re-mastered in DD 5.1 sound. There is also a PCM track.
    I’m not really a big fan of gimmicky 5.1 re-mixes on concerts but I do enjoy the efforts on audio only discs and videos/movies (Yellow Submarine for example). On Billy Joel: The Essential Video Collection, the re-mixed songs work extremely well and the sound just seems to fit, enhancing the visual presentation.
    Some of the older clips show their age and a few of the newer clips (Allentown) seem somewhat soft. The majority of the videos look excellent and all the DD 5.1 re-mixes are quite impressive.
    A few standouts:
    Pressure. If you remember this video, you will not be disappointed with the 5.1 re-mixes because it fits the video perfectly. The re-mixed rear crowd noise during Tell Her About It and the service station and motorcycle noises in Uptown Girl mesh with the videos nicely, giving them more dimension than before. The crown jewel here is Baby Grand. This great song comes alive with a well-done re-mix that mimics the artists’ position on screen. This may become one of your reference tracks.
    My sole disappointment with this collection is the first track Piano Man. The video is the concert performance from LIVE AT YANKEE STADIUM. This is sad because I checked with a very knowledgeable Billy Joel fan about a B&W video for Piano Man I had seen years ago. He confirmed that it does exist and why it was not used is unclear.
    There are no videos of any material after his The Bridge album.
    This DVD is well worth it just for the 105 minutes of DD 5.1 remastered music. The cuts between the videos are quick and there is no talk over during the presentation. Simple screen shots precede a few of the videos indicating which album the video is from.
    Track list:
    1. Piano Man
    2. All For Leyna
    3. Tell Her About It
    4. Honesty
    5. Sometimes A Fantasy
    6. The Night Is Still Young
    7. Pressure
    8. My Life
    9. Keeping The Faith
    10. A Matter Of Trust
    11. You’re Only Human (Second Wind)
    12. Everybody Loves You Now
    13. Uptown Girl
    14. You May Be Right
    15. Big Shot
    16. The Longest Time
    17. Allentown
    18. Los Angelenos
    19. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
    20. Baby Grand
    21. She’s Right On Time *
    22. Goodnight Saigon (from LIVE ON LONG ISLAND..and it looks and sounds great) *
    23. Leave A Tender Moment Alone (live) *
    24. James *
    * bonus tracks:
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    I bought this dvd yesterday and I agree with your findings.

    However, why wasn't We didn't start the fire, river of dreams, I go to extreme's on the disc?

    The only thing I could think was he switched labels perhaps?

    -- Matt
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    Chad Erickson
    I would guess that the reason why there were no video's from "The Bridge" on is that they are all on his Greatest Hits Vol. 3 DVD.

    I picked this up this weekend. I look forward to watching it tommorrow.
  4. Gary_E

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    Baby Grand is the only cut from The Bridge album.
  5. Gavin_L

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    thanks gary for this great review, I've been wondering about this dvd, I'm gonna have to be picking it up soon after reading your review [​IMG]
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