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ReplayTV 4504 reboot problem...HELP! (1 Viewer)


Jul 10, 2002
Has anyone had this problem?:
At the initial start up screen, after the unit makes its first call, my unit automatically reboots? I cannot get passed the "choose a local number" stage.
After several calls to Sonic Blue (India and Texas), someone in their Texas office told me that lately they've recieved several calls on this same problem. Apparently, some of the units that have left their warehouse are having software issues. Personally, I think that the issue is with the hard drive.
I am extremely frustrated at the fact that my ReplayTV has been sitting on top of my TV and no one, not even Sonic Blue, knows what the problem is. Finally, after several attempts and calls, I demanded that they send a new unit.

My question is, have any of you incurred this problem? Anyone hear of how to fix it? Anyone have this problem and fixed it?
I guess it's all a moot point now being that I will get a new unit but I wasted a lot of hours trying to fix that stupid thing and missed several tournament games because of this issue.
I thought that ReplayTV was "plug and play" but I guess Sonic Blue is still working out some of their kinks? I just hope I get my new unit soon before they sell the company...

By the way, the unit is a brand new unit bought from Sonic Blue's web site.

thanks for the help!

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
If you're within the warranty period, nothing we suggest is likely to help since it would include voiding the warranty by opening up the case and getting to the hard drive to re-image/patch it with RTVPatch and the latest 45xx image.

Check out: http://rtvpatch.sourceforge.net/

I suggest to sit tight and wait for the replacement to show up.

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