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  1. JoshBlevins

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    Would any of you have a problem buying a factory refurbished Denon? Any tales of woe?
    How about a used (low hours) projector?
    Are there any reputable places to buy on the internet that also offer low prices?
    I think that I can move into a little nicer setup than I could otherwise if I buy a few used components.
  2. Peter Jessee

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    Sep 25, 2000
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    A factory refurbished Denon receiver can be an excellent value. I bought a AVR1500 about 3 years ago that looked and even smelled new, and is still going strong at a friend's house. Another friend bought a AVR2500 at about the same time, and it's also still in great shape, sounding good.
    Which receiver are you considering?
  3. Razvan V

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    Aug 28, 2000
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    I have had very bad experiences with refurbished receivers - all Sony 777ES receivers bought from the Sony outlet store. I bought 3 of them and they were all defective. They smelled and looked new but so what, the Sony technicians didn't do their job.
    An interesting fact: in April I bought an open box 777es from the Good Guys. Left rear channel distorted. Returned it. Last month I stopped by the Sony outlet store and they had a refurbished 777es. I bought it and guess what, it was the same unit that I had bought and returned to the Good Guys in April ( same serial number). Did they fix it? Nope, same problem. No more refurbished stuff for me, thank you.
  4. Philip Hamm

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    Jan 23, 1999
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    I seek out refurbished and used stuff. You can get great deals on gear that way. I got my batleship class receiver for $400 used. I got my $2400 LD player for $800 thanks to it being refurbished. I have a lot more refurbished stuff, too.
    However, Razvan's post brings up a very good point. How good refurbished stuff is varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some are exacting, and some just box 'em up and hope the customer doesn't notice the problem, and if they do, just fix it under warrantee. No way to find out which is which.
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