Recommendations for a multi-region dvd player?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by bradSmith, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Hello all,

    I'm looking into buying a multi-region DVD player so I can watch some of my favorite Brittish shows that haven't been released here in the US. However, I'm having trouble finding anything that meets all of the criteria below so I was hoping to draw on the collective experience of the HTF readers for help. My criteria are:

    - PAL->NTSC conversion (obviously)
    - Multi-region (as opposed to region-free. I'm told that some US disks won't play on region 0 players)
    - Available in the US (some of the good ones seem to be import-only)
    - Durable (so far I've found some well-priced Phillips and Daewoo players, but the reviews talk about a lot of them breaking after only a matter of months!)

    Does anyone have a multi-region player that's stood up to the test of time and wasn't too pricey?

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    I've been using the Toshiba 4900 for a couple years now. I think the only place you can get one is on eBay though and if it hasn't been hacked you need to do that (it's really simple though).

    The other option is to go with the Oppo 971, which will run you over $200 but it is a very highly rated player that does everything you require.

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