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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Leo Kerr, Jul 16, 2004.

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    Where I work, we're running a lot of video from 'questionable sources.'

    That is, a given DVD may be cutting from 3:2 film source, 30fps video, 25fps PAL stuff converted to 30fps NTSC, and any of the above may be time distorted: intentionally. Oh, and don't forget the stuff pulled together from non-linear editors where they're generating video from non-video sources (still photographs and the like.)

    We recently replaced a couple of projectors with the Christie DS-30 projector, and I just happened to spot the DCDi logo on its box. The players, I should note, are the Pioneer industrial DVD-V7400 players (480i only,) and because of other restrictions, we're connecting the projectors via S-Video.

    We're seeing an odd artifact in our subtitles. All of our with-sound programming is either 'open captioned' (subtitles literally burnt into the video frame) or on DVD subtitle tracks. Often times the 'look' of the subtitles change; softening, loosing resolution, sharpening, and doing all sorts of things without, at initial consideration, rhyme or reason.

    Might this be a side-effect of the DCDi decoder freaking out at the frame-rate garbage that's being thrown at it? After all, I'm confidant that the producers involved didn't pay any attention to setting field-order or frame flags. Thus, the poor DCDi machine is probably being thrown the absolute worst mish-mash of stuff possible that one can do to a DCDi decoder.

    Is that a reasonable assumption, or should I be looking to another cause?

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    You might want to check with someone from here: The people over at "Secrets" seem to be pretty well versed in the whole deinterlacing problem category. Start in the DVD player benchmark section.

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