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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
Official HTF transcript.

New for 2022, and the first in our series of unboxing videos on the new HTF Channel, is Wayne's World from Paramount, in a spectacular new steelbook variant.

The product arrived in discrete off-white corrugated packaging, with a simple pull strip for ease of opening. You can see how easily the tab is located by arrows, and then allows the packaging to be opened without the use of machete or other tool.

Withdrawing the steelbook from the corrugated, you can see that you're hit with a really magnificent bright orange steelbook, with Wayne and Garth on the front panel - an interesting camera angle looking down on them from above, as if they're actually standing on the film's logotype - herein displayed as WAYNE'S WORLD - which is the title the film. Interestingly the "O" in world is a globe. Not certain why.

What's interesting here, is that Saturday Night Live apparently licensed the work of Penelope Spheeris, and created a series of sketches for the long-running TV show. I'm not certain where they work better. To show the difference in production quality, you can see a sequence from the show running on the monitor in the background. It's out of focus to avoid copyright issues, but you'll get the idea.

Personally, I prefer the higher budget allowed by the original feature film.

But let's get back to the steelbook.

The brilliant orange color surrounds all six sides. The rear of the steelbook is filled with wonderfully funny quotes from the film, and in the center, a suitable for framing image of best buds Garth and Wayne, doing some sort of jump whilst in the midst of their act.

Three of the edges are plain - with one inclusive of the "easy-open" indent, via which one can prize the two sides apart. The spine edge follows the overall orange palette.

At the top of the spine, a lovely Paramount logo, in white over the orange - very elegant.

Below it, and centered on the spine, is the title, once again in the WAYNE'S WORLD logotype, and at the very bottom - let's go in for a close up here, so that you can get a good look, is the blu ray logo, with the Nike swish - again, neatly done in white over orange.

Attached at the rear, without any sort of adhesive that might damage the steelbook is what would be a generic rear cover with all the proper information. Once again, orange is at the fore, and works well with the rest of the package.

Now for the big reveal. And I'm betting inside, we'll find a bright orange disc.

Here goes!

Mine must have been packaged with the incorrect disc. As you can see, this one is generic Blu-ray blue. Kind of a downer.

The copyright on the disc will probably be 2021, for that beautiful new 4k scan. I can't quite make it out.

Here we go, if I hold it on the correct angle. There it is - 2017.

So it's not a brand new image harvest, but I'm certain that it will be worthwhile, especially in upgrading packaging to a collectible steelbook.

I don't wish to break and copyright laws, so all you'll see is the image coming out of the projector lens, but here we go - on a ten foot (or whatever) projection screen - uprezzed to 4k.

Lovely colors. Blacks a bit crushed, but otherwise...

Wait, is that sharpening?

Just a tad of sharpening here. Possibly the DP was just a touch off with focus, but no matter, it's been touched up with a bit of sharpening.

And made even more cohesive with that wonderful Disney classic animated look, which just ever so gently massages the imagery to a smoother form. That's probably what the DP wanted, but didn't have the entire camera package, and lacked softening filters.

But no matter, it's still fine.

Except that the frame seems to move slightly.

I'm wondering if this might be the original DVD transfer? No. Never in a brand new steelbook.

Let's take one more look at that steelbook, which I really like, and not spend any more time discussing the transfer and disc, which I'm sure would have been just fine back in 2007. No complaints here. It works with the programming.

Now let's give it a RAH score!

Image - 2.5

Audio - 5

4k Up-rez - 2

Upgrade from earlier Blu-ray - No

Pass / Fail - Fail

Possibly best to go with Bohemian Rhapsody, which has a better take on the song.

Bottom line: Packaging Very Highly Recommended!

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Colin Jacobson

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Apr 19, 2000
Paramount loves them some "old Blu-rays packaged in new steelbooks".

At least this release got me to re-review the "Wayne's World" Blu-ray.

I initially reviewed it not long after I first got a BD player - and watched on a 50" Panny plasma.

Now I have 13 more years of experience with Blu-ray - and a 65" LG OLED 4K set.

Unsurprisingly, I liked the image more 13 years ago on a smaller TV than I do now.

RAH's 2.5 feels about right. I gave it a "C+" - it's perfectly watchable but clearly could use a new master.

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