ProntoNEO bashers?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jeff Levesque, Dec 28, 2001.

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    Hello all:
    I just received a ProntoNEO from my wife for Christmas. Before I even started programming it, I searched through the Home Theater Forum threads to find some opinions of it. It seems that the majority vote is thumbs down. Why, I ask? Because of the software? The functionality? The looks? The lack of support for large pictures of Mickey Mouse and the words, "JOHN DOE'S HOME THEATER"?
    Sure it may be less customizable than the "real" Prontos, but why spend the extra money on the "real" ones when you can get a fully functional, touchscreen programmable/learning remote with customization possibilities for a fraction of the cost, plus extra backlit hard buttons?
    The 1.2 version of the NeoEdit software was included in my package. This is the buggy version. Philips has updated the version 1.3 that includes upload and download capability, and a few bug fixes. Philips has also updated the ProntoNEO firmware to match. I immediately downloaded these updates, applied them, and started programming. No problems as of yet.
    Those of you with Prontos know how time consuming customizing and programming is. You computer nuts can relate if you ever coded a VB app. It took me about 6 hours just to create all the panels I needed for my components. Mind you, I am consolidating 8 remotes into this thing. I hadn't even started on the macros until I booked about 12 hours programming it. Now that I have everything programmed, learned, macro'ed and customized, (even with .bmp files like the DVD logo for example), I am really happy with the functionality of the ProntoNEO. The extra hard buttons are also fully programmable. That is a big bonus. My take is: thumbs up!
    I'd like to see more opinions on the ProntoNEO, and how it compares with the TSU2000 ($400) and the TSU5000 ($1000). As for you "real" Pronto users, please be nice. I'm looking for legitimate product comparisons from people who have experience with the ProntoNEO.[​IMG]
    As always, all input is most appreciated. Thanks.
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    First what price did she get your ProntoNEO for? you can get used Prontos online for say 129-149. And where the heck did you get the price of $400 for the TSU 2000? Maybe retail priced but if you are paying over 250-300 your not looking in the right places.
    I cant tell you the difference between the ProntoNEO and the real deal but my guess would be there isnt that BIG of a difference in price between the 2 to make it a difference. Now the color Pronto is a whole other story and for people that really have a disposable income.
    When it comes down to it if you are happy what the hell does it matter what other people think? Your wife got you a great gift, saved you both money, and your happy so go with it. [​IMG]
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    The problem we had with the Neo was mainly two fold. 1) was the software wasn't as functiinal as Pronto Edit (though it seems they are making progress on that front) and 2) it doesn't support the IR codes that are available for the real Pronto. I'm not sure what you paid for the Neo but is selling off T1000's for $130 USD which is a steal. Thats not to say I think you should dump the Neo if you're happy with it just offering up a suggestion [​IMG]
    PS as a pronto programmer and newbi VB programmer I know exactly what you mean[​IMG]

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