Projector Upgrade Situation- Need Advice-

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jampar64, Dec 26, 2010.

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    So here is my situation-

    I currently have an Optoma H31, which I really like, and don't really have much of a problem with the picture at all. I use it in a darkened room, with a throw distance of probably 8 feet.

    The problem is, it is going to need a new bulb any minute now. This could be a $150-$200 investment if it needs a new bulb ??

    Now I just found an Optoma HD180, refurbished, for $650... This seems like its a really good deal, since Costco is selling it for $850.

    My question is- is it worth it to upgrade from the H31 to the HD180 in my current situation- I really am wondering if I will see a noticeable difference in image quality.

    The specs make it seem worth the upgrade:

    Native 480p vs 1080p
    850 vs 1700 lumens
    3000:1 vs 3500;1

    I'm not an expert on projectors, so please let me know- will I notice a difference ??

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    the resolution bump should be quite nice.
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    Most definitely, unless you are visually impaired. Have you been hearing about HDTV? With the upgrade, you will actually be able to view high definition images on your screen. Have you also been hearing about Blu-ray Disc? You should consider one of those new players as your follow up purchase. They look much better than DVD. Think of it as upgrading from 8mm film to 35mm. You will also be able to increase the size of your screen or move closer to the one you have to increase the size of the image.

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