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    Hello to All:

    I am in the process of upgrading the preamp section in my system. I have sampled various components, including preamps from Parasound, B&K, Sim Audio, Ayre. I am now contemplating the new Krell preamp. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with synergy between Krell and Paradigm. Just curious. I would obviously appreciate any input at this time. Also, any other piece that folks would recommend for my stereo-only system? Thanks in advance.

    FYI: My system consists of the following--

    Sony CDP XA20ES (Single disc CD Player)
    Monarchy DIP
    Perpetual Technology P3A DAC
    Musical Fidelity A300 Integrated amp (Preamp only)
    Paradigm Active 40s[​IMG]
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    I got a hold of a used Lexicon MC-1 - since my rig is only used for music, with sources beeing a rack full of CD-changers running through DXS (very nice digital cross connect from Nirvis), and a record player waiting for an upgrade.

    What was importan for me was a processor which will create a whole room sound - so the list was hort, Merridian 568 and Lex MC-1. Lex was 3 times cheaper...

    I run it without center channel.

    Looks like you spend a lot of time in 2 channel mode - thus I would look closely at Bryston; it has a separate 2 channel audio section, and a very good 5.1/7.1 channel mode. Also new Lexicon just shown at CES is worthy checking in your home.

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