Preamp recommended for Paradigm Active 40

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    May 10, 2000
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    With the holiday season in full steam, I am now coming down with upgraditis. A "devout" owner of the Paradigm Active 40's, I would like to upgrade my preamp section. I am currently using the preamp out from my Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp. Any recommendation would be much appreciated. Price range: $1000-3000 (new or used). I do prefer a warmer sound, with a full, lush bass. Thanks for your time. Feel free to provide any other recommendations, with regard to my system.

    FYI, my system consists of the following:

    CDP: Sony CDP-XA20ES
    DIP: Monarchy DIP
    DAC: Perpetual Technology P3A (Modwright)
    Preamp: Musicial Fidelity A300 integrated amp
    Speaker: Paradigm Active 40s
    Cable: Tributaries (digital), Monster (digital), Audioquest (RCA), Audiostream (RCA).
    Power: PS Audio Ultimate Outlet x 2

    Have a nice holiday reason!
  2. Ron Alcasid

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    Apr 11, 2000
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    Hi, I am a devote Active 40 owner as well. If your looking for a stereo preamp with that warm sound, definitely checkout B&K PT5.

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