Possible audio problem in DONNIE BRASCO SE?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Roy Batty, Oct 17, 2003.

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    I finally got to watch tonight the DONNIE BRASCO Special Edition DVD that has been around for some time, but that I only acquired a couple of months ago along with CARLITO'S WAY SE.

    But, sadly, I had to stop the disc. From the very beginning, there seems to be a great inconsistency to audio volume throughout the whole film or, at least, up to the point where I decided to quit. To my ears, it's not just a matter of some dialogue lines being hard to hear due to sound recorded on the spot with no later dubbing, but rather a real audio glitch.

    But, since I have read no mention of this on any of the several online reviews I have checked, I am somewhat lost here.

    I seem to vaguely recall that the DVD went out of print for some time, and was re-released a few months ago. If that's the case, could it be that the reissue is faulty? I guess it could be my copy too, but I somehow doubt this kind of problem would appear on a defective disc only instead of the whole run or maybe some batch.

    Anyone here has suffered the same problem or has heard of it?

    I would really appreciate any help, since I am in Spain and, though I bought it from Amazon and they are very accommodating when it comes to send replacement for a bad disc, I wouldn't want to make them go through the hassle of it only to end up with another faulty copy.

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    No problems on mine.
  3. I feel your pain.

    I just had a similar problem with 'Driven' recently.

    Inconsistent audio left me wondering what the heck was going on.

    Ended up keeping my copy because I got it used for only $7.50.

    As far as Donnie goes, I don't recall having any obvious problems when screening it last year.

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