PLEASE HELP - Sony DAV-S300 Wiring?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by StevenZK, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. StevenZK

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    Jun 3, 2001
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    I'd like to be able to use the speakers that come with this system with a different audio receiver.
    One problem is that the wiring plugs are proprietary.
    Another problem is that I need longer wiring than those supplied with the system.
    I'd appreciate any suggestions for how to be able to use these speakers with a conventional receiver.
    Thanks, Steven.
  2. Jeffrey_Jones

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    Nov 6, 2001
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    I just went to Sony's website and as usual, no help. According to the specs they apear to be a standard 8 Ohm speaker setup. What is the Sony wiring like? Would you be able to cut off the connectors and attach standard speaker wire? Is there a plug on both ends of the speaker cable or just the side that goes into the amp?
    Can you return this sony package and buy a new sub/sat system from another company that specializes in making good speakers?
  3. Rutledge

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    I bought this system in june 2000 and just sold it a couple of weeks ago. If it were me i would junk the Sony speakers and get better ones not vica versa.
    If you use the Sony speakers with another receiver how are you going to power the subwoofer?
    I bought this system on Home Theater Mags' recommendation to use as a system for our vacation home. A mistake.
    This thing has no highs at all. There are no tweeters. Just a daul cone speaker.
    The receiver part of this system is fairly decent. While it rates at 30 wpc channel it is only about 10 wpc which is sufficient.
    Go get better speakers and junk the Sonys.
    Sorry, Just my opinion.
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