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Please help me narrow down my list - Paradigm 20 / Axioms (1 Viewer)

Alec M

Oct 10, 1999
Well it's been awhile since I've been around as I have been happy with my system for several years, but alas my Sony 61" RPTV is starting to sound like it is dying (loud and erratic fan/motor noise) and my wife hates my big Infinity speakers.

Here are the stats:
Room 13'W x 19'L x 9.5'H with closest sitting position at 7', prime spots at 14'
3 4' x 8' sliding glass doors with semi-opaque blinds down one side and open archways on two others - ie a good amount of ambient light

Desired Use:
30% daily TV - wife and kids
25% HD sports (day and night)
20% movies (mostly night)
15% Wii and PS3
10% DVD or HD concerts

Replace Infinity front speakers with LCR to match Studio 20s v2? (2002)
a. Paradigm Studio 60s - $1300 may be outdated
b. Paragigm CC-690 - $700 may be outdated
OR new system from cruising forum
a. B&W 700 - ?
b. Axiom 80 - 500 (keep current Def Tech sub?) $3000
c. RBH - ?
d. Def Tech STS

Questions for my forum experts:
1) I have been a big fan of Paradigm for 10+ years, but do not see many current reviews of the Studio series. Would the current version (6?) match timbre well with my v2?
2) The Millenium 30s don't look like they would match, but am interested in feedback for matching with Studio 20s - doubtful...
3) If Paradigms won't match, or have gone down hill, which of the alternates look good? I have tried the Def Tech Bipolar in ceilings, but am open to suggestions.
4) I like my Def Tech Sub, but would look at the matching or SVS...

Video questions on other forum



Sep 15, 2002
North Georgia
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Hi Alec:

Honestly, if you're only using your 20s for rear duty, I'm sure the current studio line will be fine. Paradigm makes some great speakers (it's how I started in HT, and I've owned Atoms, Minis, Monitor 5s, Monitor 11s, Studio 20s and studio 100s), and if that's the company you want to stay with, I'd just get the current version of the studio line. Even if you chose to go with another manufacturer, the 20s will be great for rear duty.

Others feel differently, but unless you listen to a lot of multi-channel music, I wouldn't spend a lot of time and effort worrying about your surrounds. Being happy with the LCR is much more important.

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