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PLEASE Help! DVI, Television and DVD player problems... TECH help! hehe (1 Viewer)

Aug 10, 2004
I just purchased DVi400 monster cables and Momitsu DVD-V880DX.

Now am I wrong and stupid but arent the DVi input just plug and play? Because I didnt see any immediate difference from hooking up up with V/A cables w/ DVI hooked up and then unplugging it. (Clarity)

I havent watched it with a DVD yet though.

Should I be getting some sort of signal when i hook up the player with DVi to my 51'' Sony HDWS? Because I'm not getting anything out of my player and I hooked up the Video/Audio cables and it fired up.

So is it like some sort of you need to have both plugged in? Or am I missing something here?

Now i know, if all else fails read the instructions... well i did! lol

there is 1! page for DVi hookup. now there is a caption at the bottom and I hope this doesnt pertain to me... but with my freakin' luck I'm sure it does...

' DVI output can't Support HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) HDCP Copy Protection: A built-in Pass/Fail test uses HDCP authentication protocol to check a display's compliance. '

Does this only pertain to piracy matters... I'm alittle slow at this stuff.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! speak to me in stupid terms


Mike Boniferro

Second Unit
Aug 21, 1999
It sounds like you are saying that you were pushing the DVI cable in and out with no difference to picture. To me that sounds like you are staying on the A/V input that you had hooked up before. You should only have a DVI cable and a red/white audio cable going to your TV. Then you have to switch to the DVI input on the TV.

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