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Pioneer Elite 510 53" HDTV with Pronto Remote (1 Viewer)

Ben Carlson

Dec 7, 1998
I just sold my home and we will be moving to a new home in August where our current Elite 510 will not fit in the space we have in the new family room, due to the fact that we have low windows across the only wall that can be used. (The wife wants to get a smaller unit like a DLP HDTV.)

So I must sell this TV. It is only 11 months old, barely used, only with HDnet, HBO HDTV and DVDs. I bought it locally as a factory refurbished unit that had a minor blemish on the front bottom left that was repaired and sold to me after a customer refused it in his home. The TV had been professionally calibrated from our local installer as well as configured and set up with our Phillips Pronto (which is almost new also and I am including for the buyer).

The TV has three full HD inputs including a VGA/Computer input for HTPCs or HD Boxes (I have heard it is perfect for surfing the net on the tv). It also has all gold connectors, professional bnc connector for composite, and a slot for later expansion or internal HD box. This unit has so many more options on it, please write to find out more!

This TV is one of 8 tvs that we auditioned and is the only one that looked exceptional with all programming as well as is one BEAUTIFUL unit with piano gloss finish. I paid close to $4000 for the TV/Remote and setup and will sell both for $2800, preferably locally in the state of florida (unless the buyer wants to pay for shipping).

The best way to reach me is [email protected]

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