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    I should know how to do this but can't figure it out?

    With hockey,golf and other things I need to get this going.

    I have Hitachi 36" with input a and b also using digital
    cable box.
    My question is how to split the cable for the outputs?

    Thanks for any help.

    Go Leafs
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    You can't. The box can only tune one channel at a time and thus can only send one channel at a time to the tv. The tv can only do PIP when it has 2 different things coming in, one at input A and the other at input B, or one directly from the cable or antenna to the RF input on the tv and one from one of the inputs.

    The tv probably has dual tuner pip, so it can display 2 different channels using pip when using it's own tuner and one cable signal or antenna signal going into the RF connection on the set itself, but the tv can't tune digital cable.

    You would need 2 digital cable boxes. Split the cable upstream of the boxes, run one lead to each box, one set of connections from one box to input A, another set from the other box to input B.

    If some of your cable channels are analog (most digital cable systems still use analog for the locally originated network channels) you could split the cable ahead of the cable box, run one cable to the box and thence to input A, and the other cable direct from the splitter to the RF input on the tv. This would let you use the pip for one of the digital cable channels and one of the analog cable channels. You have to tell the tv's tuner in the setup menu that you're using cable and not an antenna and let the tv do a channel scan--see your tv's owner's manual.

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