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Discussion in 'Computers' started by jeff lam, Nov 24, 2003.

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    I just got a Canon S50 digital camera and want to get a printer to couple with it and also take advantage of the rebate available with the purchase of a camera and printer.

    I was trying and searching for help as to which printer is better. I have no clue. It seems as the i960 is a better quality printer but the i900D has better features.

    I need help deciding which to get. The 900 offers a $100 rebate and the 960 offers a $50 rebate but the 900 is $50 more than the 960 so they are equal in price in the end. Which is the better printer to get?

    Or should I just bite the bullet and get an epson???
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    The Canon i960 is considered one of the best photo printers out there. The printhead is also user replaceable (for a hefty fee...around $200 US or more), unlike the Epson printers.

    The i960 uses 6 color inkjet cartridges I think, which is better than everything in one cartridge. You'll likely run out of magenta and cyan first. However, cartridge cost may be an issue. Replacing the ink with third party ink is NOT'll increase the likelihood of permanent printhead clogging which will cost you big bucks to fix!

    The Epson 960 is also considered a very good printer, although it is a little old. If you have the extra $$$ you could go for the new Epson R400 (or is it R800?) printer when it comes out.

    Most of my info is form the site, at the Printers and Printing forum.

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