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    I am volunteering to compile a list of local people in the Phoenix area with HDTV sets who are fed up with the CBS affiliate, KPHO. They are transmitting a DTV signal, and in a number of venues are implying that they are transmitting HDTV signals.
    The local ABC and NBC affiliates both broadcast HDTV and the local PBS station is planning to go on line with HDTV this spring.
    I number of us have contacted them individually, but as a group, we might have a little more leverage. They have given us many different excuses and even promised to get last year's NFL playoffs transmitted in HDTV. None of us was able to watch this year's Super Bowl in Phoenix on HDTV. I can compile a list of names and will contact the local HDTV retailers to see if we can generate some momentum to Meredith, the owner of KPHO to get on the ball and start transmitting HDTV.
    CBS and Mitsubishi have been generating a lot of publicity, and KPHO is riding on their coat tails, helping Mitsubishi sell sets and helping CBS gain market share. Whatever they are planning to do with the free public HDTV airspace that they are now misusing, we need to stand up and remind them that these are OUR airwaves and this space was intended for HDTV.
    Please send your name to me to get on this petition. I will draft a letter and run it by all for your input. Maybe with everyone's help, we can get CBS to act as responsibly as the other stations here in Phoenix.
    Darrel Johansen
    Tempe, AZ
    [email protected]
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    Good luck with your petition. I still wish that ANYONE would broadcast in HDTV here in Tucson...

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