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Ordered New Receiver!!! Yamaha RX-V663BL (1 Viewer)


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Aug 5, 2007
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May 12, 2008
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Gads...when you get the new receiver and can figure out how to use it LET ME KNOW! :frowning:

I am a true novice at this and for the life of me can't figure out this new receiver. The book is written in piglatin I think. I've gotten as far as programming all of the inputs, but am having problems making the 5.1 speakers effective on my Bluray....:angry:

Parker Clack

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Jun 30, 1997
Kansas City, MO
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Looks like a nice unit. Give us a review of the unit as to what you think of it pros and cons.

Lots of inputs for sure.



Aug 31, 2006
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The 663 is comparable to the 659 that i have give or take a few features and watts. I like that Yamaha is now including Sirius inputs on their receivers. I wish i had that option but XM is fine for now. I didnt need HDMI inputs at the time but now wish i had them. Although I've heard that using an optical/digital coax connection for audio is almost the same. True?


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Aug 18, 2001
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No. It's not true in practice because the various lossless multi-channel audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD/MA and even multi-channel PCM (as well as DSD used for SACDs) are only being supported via HDMI. Typically, if you use the old coax/optical connection, you can only get 2-channel PCM or one of the old lossy surround formats (probably either downconverted or taking the lossy core from the lossless surround formats).

Of course, that may or may not matter to you in practice as usual.

BTW, I also recently bought a 663 -- and running it as a prepro w/ my old B&K amp. So far so good. :emoji_thumbsup: :D



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Sep 13, 1999
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Chris Caine
Thinking of getting a newer Yamaha to use as a pre/pro with my Z9 (170W RMS).

Q: How will the sound stage be affected/influenced? As in, will I still be able to manipulate DSP etc on the Z9, or would it be the source pre-amp?

Is the pre-amp signal a pass through, and on the pro-amp?

Never done this before, but would save money on buying a big new amp (140W RMS), and selling the old one.

I shudder at the thought of having to pick up an Onkyo instead, which does not support presence speakers. HOWEVER, on Multi-channel in mode, the presence speakers are muted in any case.


Geoff Gunnell

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May 20, 2006
Chris, you are at a similar decision point I was.

Yamahas used to be able to run presence speakers in more listening modes than recent models. IIRC the dividing line was between the 2600 and the 2700 -- in the older models Yamaha had their own Enhanced decoder modes.

I had originally thought that Yamaha had eliminated these modes for some licensing reason, but similar functionallity is back in the RX-V11. Hopefully this will trickle back down to the more affordable models soon.

Lack of subsequent DSP processing on multi-channel inputs is becoming less relevant with excellent disc players such as the Oppo 983H. Decoding in the player and sending multichannel PCM over HDMI works well; it's hard to see multichannel I/O being continued much longer outside of pro equipment.

Regarding the Onkyo/Integra 2008 models: I don't want to sound too negative, but consider carefully that even if you ignore the comparative SQ issues, ensure the latest firmware revisions, and can work around the remaining issues, as soon as next year's models arrive (a few months at most) the value of the 2008 models will plummet.

Yamaha resale value looks much better, as there was nothing really wrong with the 2008 Yamahas except the BB/WtW video issue which does not affect most users.

My first advice to you is a four letter word -- WAIT!

New receivers will be arriving from Sherwood, and the related prepro from Outlaw, both (hopefully) with Trinnov auto EQ.
New affordable prepros will arrive from Emotiva.
Onkyo/Integra will debut the new xx6/xx9/x.9 models.
If Yamaha follows their previous pattern, they'll introduce a 4xxx model that will share price point with the Denon 4306. This one is sheer speculation on my part -- I haven't seen anything on the 2009 Yamaha lineup yet.

All these models SHOULD be improved over the current 2008 crop.

If you CAN't wait: :D

One of the current Yamahas, 663 and up, is your best bet.

If you can wait 30-45 days, there will be one new Denon model out that you could consider -- the 2809. It's the only one of the new Denons to have pre-outs. IIRC, it'll have 4 HDMI inputs. Not sure which video chip or Audyssey version it will have, but it will have the Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume (according to Audyssey, these two are always bundled together). I have issues with Dynamic EQ and music, since it'll make the instruments sound different depending on whether the overall program is pianissimo or forte, but as a night listening mode for folks in apartments and/or with small children and as a loud-TV-commercial-suppressor, it should be very useful.

Or you can do what I did and order an RX-Z11 and sell your current equipment Before you mention the admittedly ridiculous price (I was unable to negotiate an authorized price that started with a 3 although I think it's possible), let me review what you get:

1. The ONLY receiver that will send audio to multiple rooms when the input signal is digital audio input via HDMI. No current pre-pro's at or below the RX-Z11's price point will do this either. See "Party Mode" in the RX-Z11 manual.
2. The complete Yamaha sound field, presence and rears both at the same time.
3. Multi point auto-EQ which you can manually adjust.
4. Bass management for dual subwoofers.
5. Very good DACs, DSP, and amp. Good SQ on both analog and digital inputs.

No argument from me that getting most of the above should come in under 2k street -- and even a 74 lb quality unit should come in under 3k street -- but it doesn't, not today anyway.

Here's hoping, for audiophiles everywhere, that 6 months from now I'm kicking myself for spending so much when I could have gotten the same performance for much less by waiting . . .

gene c

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Aug 5, 2003
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It's a vicious circle. You could say the same thing 6 months from now. Things are just changing too fast. But at some point you have to say "enough already!" and just buy something. And then you'll wonder if you did the right thing. Or paid too much. Or missed out on what's coming next. That's what makes this all so nerve racking.

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