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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Corey-Reid, Apr 24, 2005.

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    I have had a mits 6o inch rear projection big screen for about 6 years now. The thought of going down to a 50" widescreen is not real appealing to me.

    I have seen the WS-65515 mits for what appears to be a great price in comparison to plasma and LCD screens. Size of tv is not an issue with me, I have a very large room.

    I ahve direct tv and will continue to use DTV. I am aware of the costs at this time for a DTV HD tuner. I would likely wait for costs to drop, or I would consider switching to cable or other satelite providers if the HD tuner costs dont drop.

    We watch about 60% tv, 40% DVD movies. Im looking for the best possible LARGE screen tv and at this price, seems too good to get something else.

    Can someone please give me some opinions on this set?

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    The 65515 is just a 65315 with an integrated HD tuner. If you are not going to use the built in tuner, just get a 315 and save yourself some money. I do not own either set, but this is what I've found researching them myself.


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