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Onkyo TX-NR900 or H/K AVR 8000? (1 Viewer)


Mar 18, 2003
Hello everyone, I hoping to draw upon all of your experience and expertise and I thank you in advance for your assistance. I am putting together a 5.1 home theater to go with my 65” widescreen Mitsubishi HD TV. I have decided to go with the M&K 750 MKII 5.1 THX Select speaker system. Worth noting is that the front three speakers in that system are 4-ohm. I am now trying to find a receiver that will work well with that speaker system. Further, I do want the THX post processing but do not care if it is select or ultra. Most importantly, my budget will put me in the $800-$1200 range for the receiver. I have done a little homework and found that only a few receivers will meet all my requirements. Dennon doesn’t include THX processing in receivers in my price range or they would be my first choice. I like the pioneer receivers that do have the THX processing but they specifically say do not use with 4-ohm speakers. I know that historically the amps used in Onkyo receivers didn’t work well with 4-ohm speakers but this years models TX-NR900 and TX-SR800 both have menu settings for 4-ohm speakers. I have also noticed that the H/K AVR 8000 has been discounted to the point that if falls into my price range.

Thus my two leading choices are the Onkyo TX-NR900 and the H/K AVR 8000 with the H/K AVR 8000 being slightly preferred at the moment. I am wondering if anyone here would have any comments regarding either of these two receivers that would be relevant to my decision. Further I welcome any other suggestions. Thanks

PS Regarding the M&K 750 MkII speaker system I am also wondering if you folks think it would be worth upgrading the V-1250 sub to the MX-150 for an extra $350. Thanks!

Tom Camlioglu

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 2, 1999
Hi Ray,

I owned the H/K 8000 ... (Feb2002)date - and wasn't all that impressed. I had to replace the unit 2 times for a QC issue (bad memory chip) and a power supply blowing, and ended up selling my 3rd unit because I just didn't feel comfortable with the H/K name anymore (I had owned a "perfect" HK 7000 before).. so I was very let down when I expected much better with the HK 8000.
So my HT is all Anthem, but I replaced the H/K which was living room bound with an Integra DTR 8.3 (sister model to the NR900). I'm certainly impressed with the sound and features in the Integra, in addition to being able to decode practically everything under the sun for now.


James Stierman

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 21, 2002
I like the Onkyo as well. Not only does it give you Nettune (slightly more advanced than HK's version of networking) but also it can drive a secondary set of speakers as well as 7.1 without adding an amp. Lastly, I've had many an Onkyo amp over the years and have never had any of them fail in any way.

Earl Simpson

Supporting Actor
Jan 12, 2002
I would stick with Onkyo/Denon/Yamaha/and buy the best model you can scrape the cash together for.

My opinion only.

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