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One and half years, 99% DONE. (1 Viewer)

Scott O'Keeffe

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 1, 1999
Well due to busy times, working out of town, and the need for teamwork, it's 17 months later and the hometheater/bar is 99% finished!

Need to finish the center channel and dvd rack trim, cut a hole in the wall for the sub; waiting for picture frames for a few pictures. Need to hook up the X-Box and build some of shelving/doors for the components below. My DVD player is getting crushed. :D

For those things you can't see in the link, the wall with the TV is built out from the main wall in the basement. This gives me plenty of room back there to work. :) The ceiling will remain unfinished as I play with acoustical options.

Take a look and let me know whatcha think. Any tips for those things I can change/add would be great. One thing I definitely know already is that I definitely need to add one more amp channel/speaker for DD E-X, DTS-ES, etc.

Thanks for checking it out!


Sorry its imagestation, only link I have right now.

Pioneer 532HD5 53" Widescreen
RCA DTC-100 HD Receiver
Philips DirecTivo
Pioneer Elite 45A DVD Player

Outlaw 950 Pre-Pro
Rotel RMB-1075 (Not pictured: behind wall)
Audioquest Slate bi-wired front soundstage speaker cable
Monster Cable rear seaker cable
Audioquest Copperhead interconnects (pre-pro to amp)
Monster Cable interconnects

B&W LCRs2 Center, 602s2 L/R, ASW1000 Sub.
JBL HLS-610 rears.

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