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No true 16:9 on PS2? (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Oct 30, 1999
I am putting this here because this is a question about the PS2 as a DVD player and not as a videogame system.

I just moved our PS2 into the bedroom to serve double duty as a DVD player while I wait for my new Denon to arrive, and I noticed something interesting. It seems that setting the PS2 to 16:9 in the set-up menu merely letterboxes the image without sending any increased vertical resolution to my display, at least not for DVDs (I still have to try games on it). I use the vertical squeeze on my WEGA to get the most resolution from anamorphic sources (and had good results previously from our XBOX), but the picture from the PS2 is far too compressed when squeezed and, in fact, looks normal only when the television is left unsqueezed. This is the case whether the PS2 is set 4:3, full, or 16:9 in its menu.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is the PS2 16:9 mode a sham? Or have I missed something here?


Second Unit
Dec 16, 2002
Quick answer without wading thru the other thread: On a PS2 you actually have to go to a different setup section to set it for DVD. The main setup menu on the PS2 applies only to gaming. Any settings for wide, letterboxed, 4:3, etc. apply only to game discs. This is no good for DVD purposes.

Assuming you bought the official PS2 remote with PS2 DVD software disc and have loaded it, put the memory card in that has the DVD software loaded on it. Navigate in the PS2 to that memory card, and in the DVD software itself is another setup menu for DVD playback. In there set it to 16:9, letterboxed, etc. DVDs should playback properly now.

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