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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Steve Y, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Steve Y

    Steve Y Supporting Actor

    May 1, 2000
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    This comes out tomorrow (March 23) for the PS4 and PC. Anyone else picking this up? I have it pre-loaded on my console and can't wait.

    I adored the story and art style of the first Ni No Kuni game (which was released on PS3), but the combat left much to be desired, to say the least. In fact, the combat was so frustrating to me that I had to quit the game. Definitely one of my biggest game regrets.

    By all accounts, the sequel is easier than the first game. Reviewers are of course complaining about that, but I'll take it if it helps me experience this world. They're also saying the story isn't as good, but I don't mind. It looks great, and has another musical score by the great Joe Hisaishi.

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