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  1. K

    IGood 5.1 audio on PS4 and TV, but cable box (receiver) blocking audio output (idk why)

    Hi everbody. I'm new to this world, and I bought recently a Sony RT3 (5.1). As a newcomer, I liked to start with a "basic" 5.1 system. I wanted a real surround system. After studying all options available in my country, I decided to give a try to that system (i's old, but a good budget...
  2. S

    PS4 digital optical to Pioneer Vsx 52tx has no audio

    I've been trying to connect the PS4 (regular, not slim) to the vsx 52tx receiver but even when the PS4 recognizes the digital optical cable, there's no audio for it, only audio out of the TV. I really only need the audio to go into the home theatre, because the video is outputted through the...
  3. Jeff Cooper

    Any way to cap frame rate on PS4? (Projector + HDR issue)

    I have an EPSON 'faux-K' projector (native 1080p, but does 4K by pixel-shifting). This projector can only do 4K HDR at 30fps or lower. This works just fine for UHD movies, as I play them at 24fps. However for PS4 games that use HDR (Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, etc). I...
  4. NoodlesMcBobski

    No audio from PS4 through Pioneer reciever

    Hi, I have just purchased a PS4 and as it doesn't have toslink/digital optical audio output I have had to run HDMI to my Pioneer VSX-917V receiver, then out to my Toshiba CT-90329 HD TV. I get video and audio to TV, but no sound through the Pioneer receiver, and can't get my head around why. The...
  5. BillBR

    Issue with PS4...salvageable?

    Hi folks, I've been having an issue with my white "Destiny" special edition PS4 from 2014 recently during blu-ray playback. (I use it exclusively for BD playback these days, and haven't played a game on it for about a year now.) The problem started around last December, when my Star Trek TOS...
  6. Sam Posten

    Spider-Man PS4

    I'll be playing this soon, but let's start here... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-09-insomniac-offers-to-patch-out-the-ill-fated-marriage-proposal-in-spider-man
  7. Phil Carter

    Can't seem to get 4K HD from a PS4 Pro on a Samsung Q7 TV through Denon receiver?

    Good day folks! So I recently bought a Playstation 4 Pro so I could experience 4K gaming on my Samsung 75" 4K television. I currently have several pieces of equipment running into the various HDMI input ports on my Denon receiver, with a single output cable from the Denon's HDMI Out (ARC)...
  8. Legion

    PS4 and Surround Sound

    Morning all, I do feel that I am going to get banned from this forum for keep asking questions. lol. But here goes. Some of you know that I have just set up a new toy. Onkyo 5.1.2 s/s/system. My next task is to connect my PS4 to the system and have the correct sound settings. I have...
  9. Steve Y

    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)

    This comes out tomorrow (March 23) for the PS4 and PC. Anyone else picking this up? I have it pre-loaded on my console and can't wait. I adored the story and art style of the first Ni No Kuni game (which was released on PS3), but the combat left much to be desired, to say the least. In fact...
  10. Dave Scarpa

    Ps4 COD WWII Camouflage Editiom

    Comes with Box and all accessories, includes WWII on Disk and Battlefield 1 Revolution edition $200 plus shipping USA only email to [email protected] if interested. Paypal and Apple pay accepted
  11. Bryan^H

    Shadow of the Colossus PS4

    No way I'm doing 60 FPS-I'm going "Cinematic mode" at 30. This will be the first game I try on my Pro.
  12. Ronald Epstein

    Going to try PS4 Virtual Reality: Please Help

    A friend at work has been raving about PS4 VR I already own a PS4, but I understand the PRO is even better at creating the best VR experience. I am going to need some quick answers as there is a Black Friday sale on right now. First, I don't want to spend a crapload of money on a high-end VR...
  13. RolandL

    Downloaded PS4 Dead Island Definitive Edition for $7.99

    Anyone have Dead Island Definitive Edition? It's supposed to have three games but I only see one.
  14. J

    PS4 LG bh6220s surround sound

    Hi guys im a bit of a newbie at home theatres and 5.1 surround sound. I recently bought a 5.1 LG bh6220s home theatre set with the 3d Blu ray player/ reciever, I have all my speakers set up and calibrated to the right volume level and distance. I have my PS4 connected using an optical cable and...
  15. joshEH

    The Last of Us, Part II (Naughty Dog - PS4)

    First trailer just dropped at PSX 2016: Fucking hell. Just...fucking hell. The part where Cannot wait, but even if it takes until 2020, I'm absolutely cool with it.
  16. DaveF

    What one PS4 game should I get for 2017?

    I'm a slow gamer. I'm still at the start of Fallout 4, which I bought release date. But I'm back to playing it and could be done end of this year. And I've got unplayed games from PS+ to play. Appreciating I'd probably get through a single full game in 2017, what one game should I get? I was...
  17. V

    PS4 3D Quality

    is my ps4 a good 3d source i am looking for awesome quality not mediocre or should i go towards a stand alone device like the Sony BDP-S6700 or is that also not that great any help is greatly appreciated
  18. DaveF

    BioShock Remastered...what's the verdict?

    I'm a enjoyed the first two Bioshocks and love the overall experience of Infinite. I'd hoped for a PS4 release. And it's happened with the "Bioshock Remastered" which includes all three plus their DLC. But I'm reading mixed reviews. My impression is that Bioshock 1 and 2 have improved high...