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Jun 4, 2002
I have seen twice now a statment like "there are better out there" regarding the NHT SubOnei, but with no further clarification. I guess the "better" are the Hsu Vtu-2 and SVS 25-31pc? I am really curious to hear someone expound on this.

I am considering a set of NHT SB3 mains, undecided rears, and the store has a b-stock SubOnei for $500. I am curious about this sub since it comes with a bass management module mounted near the pre/ that will split the main signal as well as feed the LFE to the sub. This is interesting to me, since the bookshelves will require integration and I will be driving the mains with an external amp (NAD 214). It seems a short RCA run between the pre and amp to split out the bass would be very effective, and better than having to run an RCA all the way to the sub and back to the rack!

All this may be moot if I end up with the Axioms, also under consideration, but I'll be wall mounting and the acoustic suspension vs. rear ported design is pushing me to NHT. Logistics and aesthetics are strongly influencing my purist sensibilities. :b

Anyone out there got an opinion on this stuff?


Charles Gurganus

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Mar 2, 1999
Chris, I have heard nothing but good things about the SB3 speaker. Since it sounds like you may high pass the front SB3 to a sub, you will be able to cross to the SB3's at around 45 to 50hz. The subone is a good musical sub. The others you mentioned will give you more low end but may not offer the flexibility. I would check out the differences to see if the others can have both low level and high level inputs (they probably do though). If you can swing the extra $300, the subtwoi is worth the money over the subonei. Of course, then you are getting into money that would allow the Hsu Vtu-3. The sub choice will be tough but the SB3's will be happy with the Nad amp.


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May 9, 2002
I run 2 NHT sub2i's in my system. I integrated them with 2 NHT VT2.4's and 5 VS2.4's. The outboard controller makes this task quite easy to do. My main focus is 2 channel listening but the set up I have is so flexible, it's excellent for home theater use as well.

I believe that NHT has discontinued making these subs and now only make the new evolution series. You may be able to get a killer deal on these subs, if you can find them.


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