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Newbie to HT and I need your help with HK AVR 325 (1 Viewer)

Clarence Desbor

Apr 28, 2003
I am newbie to HT and I recently made the following purchases:
1. HK AVR 325
2. Energy 5.1 speakers
3. Had a Sony DVD DVP NS715P that was attached to this configuration

I had hooked everything together and I get sound out of all of my speakers, which is a good start. However, I noticed that my Speaker/Channel indicator shows left and right speaker ONLY! I never show the center satellite left, right or rear satellite left or right to show active (or hot) no matter what the setting (DTS, Dolby Digital etc on the HK) or on the Sony audio setting on the DVD being played (5.1 or DTS). I have the components connect with optics.

A final bit of information before asking for help - since I had the DVD player for a little while, - I have missed placed the manual. I do not see where there are any switches to flip on it. But I won’t bet my life on it.

Is this normal?
Has any HK owner seen this before and can point me in the right direction.
Your insight in to this would be appreciated.


Greg Thomas

Second Unit
May 3, 1999

I have an HK 320 with Energy Take 5 speakers and you only see the SOURCE inputs on the speaker diagram display. If you're running Dolby PL2, Logic 7, DTS Neo, or 5 & 7 channel stereo, it only displays two channels. It'll leave the other speaker positions blank. What your doing is converting a two channel source into 5.1 or more.

Now if you're using a DD 5.1 source or DTS, DTS-ES, it'll display 5.1 or 6.1, 7.1 sources. That's how mine works. You said you're using the optical connections. Did you make sure the Sony DVD player is set to output BITSTREAM instead of PCM? I know my buddy's Sony player had DTS turned off and outputs PCM until you go into the DVD players setup menu.

I think on my friends Sony player you have to take out all discs and then hit MENU or SETUP. They'll be some audio options where you can turn on DTS and change the output from PCM to BITSTREAM.

It should work fine after that. I don't think the problem is your receiver, but the DVD player.


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 24, 2003
Ditto on making sure you have the DVD player set to dolby digital bitstream out, not PCM. My Sony makes me first turn on the digital output, and then select digital over PCM. Also on mine you have to enable DTS out as well. It is a different model than yours, so this may not be necessary for you.

Ive got the 325 as well, when your DVD player is properly setup, for dolby 5.1 ex you should see all 7 boxes lit up as orange squares, but only 5 of them will be "filled" because a box only gets filled to indicate a discrete source. You will still be getting the EX effect though. The back two boxes just wont be filled in because DD ex isnt fully discrete in the back channels. The only time you will ever see all 7 boxes filled is when you are playing DTS-es discrete 6.1 material, or input from the 8 channel direct. Then the back two boxes will be filled in like the others. For a 2 channel source, you will only see the left and right front boxes filled, and the other ones will just be orange squares. :)

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