New reciever setup questions.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Biggs, Dec 27, 2001.

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    Hi guys. As I'm a bit of a newbie, I have a question that maybe some kind person might answer.

    I have just joined the ranks of a budding HT freak. Santa was good to me and I was the luckey recipiant of the following:

    Marantz 4200

    Paradigm Cinema Series fronts and rears

    Paradigm PDR-10 SW

    My question has to do with the Marantz reciever. It only has two S-Video inputs. Here is my problem.

    My TV (Sony KP-43T75) has three S-video inputs and one Component. The Component and one of the S-Videos are on Video 3.

    I'm trying to hook up a DVD player to the component, a Sat. reciever to an S-Video, a digital cable box to an S-Video, and an LD player to one of the composites. I seem to be one S-Video short. The TV won't allow the component hookup and an S-Video at the same time. Heres what I've done:

    BTW, the reciever has four Digital inputs for sound.

    DVD too S-Video in on the reciever

    Sat to S-Video in on the reciever

    Dig Cable to Composite in on the reciever

    LD to composite in on the reciever.

    S-Video out from the reciever too S-Video in on VID 3 on the TV.

    Monitor out from the reciever too Vid 1 on the TV.

    The DVD is hooked optically too Digital input 2 on the reciever.

    The Cable box is hooked too Digital input four (coax)

    Now, I still have the S-Video input on the front of the TV but I'm trying not to use this as it is asthetically ugly.

    I'm able to access the DVD but would really like to use my expensive Component cables. The Cable is ok but I would like to use the S-Video conection.

    I know this is confusing(you should see how I look after two days of messing with this!)

    Any other suggestions for hooking this up? I'm sure some other guys with the 4200 must be faced with the same dilema.

    I thank you for any input you guys might have.

  2. Marc Rochkind

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    OK, first thing, you never want to use S-video for the DVD if both it and the TV have component, which is the case here.

    Also, when you say that the TV doesn't allow S-video and component at the same time, I understand, because mine is the same way, but I have multiple video inputs on my TV, namely (1) TV/cable, (2) video 1, (3) video 2, (4) video 3, (5) component 1, (6) component 2. I put S-video from the receiver on video 1 and component directly from the DVD player on component 1, and just switch the TV accordingly. Perhaps your TV works the same way.

    Then, connect all non-component-video sources to the receiver, and connect the receiver to the TV using S-video. Perhaps composite also if there are any composite sources, as many receivers cannot promote composite to S-video. Then component directly to the TV. All audio from any source goes to the receiver, of course.

    Does this help?

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