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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Geordy, Jul 5, 2001.

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    Ok, couple of questions...
    The dish comes thurs, so I have a week before I get in over my head...I got the PVR501 deal.
    The guy on the phone said I can use it for HDTV signals so long as I have the decoder....true or false?
    DD is only optical?
    and finally...
    what kind of video out is on the satellite reciever?
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    quote: The guy on the phone said I can use it for HDTV signals so long as I have the decoder....true or false?[/quote]
    This seems false on the face of it.
    In order to get HDTV on Dish Network, you need a model 6000 receiver. Period.
    The 501 is designed for the other 500 non-HD channels.
    Programs on a local channel that is transmitted by Dish Network, are converted from HD to NTSC if they originate in HD.
    And lastly, Dish Network will be making a PVR for their HD channels in 2002.
    I hope this answered the question, otherwise, you might want to describe what you mean by "use it for HDTV signals".
    DD output is only in Toslink Optical (not coaxial). I think this is true of all DBS receivers.
    The 501 has 1 S-Video output, 2 "Composite" video outputs, 2 sets of L/R audio outputs and 1 "RF" video output, all of which are usable at the same time (ie in parallel).
    PS Just thought about it and added this - your statement quoted above only makes sense as " The model 6000 receiver will also tune Over The Air (broadcast) HDTV signals if you add the 8VSB decoder. Otherwise, it only receives Dish Network channels, of which about 3-4 are in HDTV, and the rest NTSC. " This, of course, has nothing to do with the 501, but perhaps the phone guy thought you were now talking about the 6000 instead when he said that.

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