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Need some help hooking up VCR up to Onkyo 595 and HTPC (1 Viewer)


Feb 28, 2001
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i have an Onkyo 595, Marantz CC-4000, an N64, and a new VCR i want to hook up to my computer. i've had the Onkyo and the Marantz working thru my PC for weeks, but want to add these two. i use my computer's dvd player and the 19" monitor for movies.
the VCR has an f-type coax out (but we can get component if needed) and the N64 has component out. i've tried hooking one of them into the Video 2 slot in the Onkyo and running an s-video cable from the monitor out to the s-video in on my computer's WinTV card. nothing happens.
i dont have an f-type coax in on the computer and i'm wondering why what i've tried wont work. any help is much appreciated. thanks!
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Mike Voigt

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Sep 30, 1997
You're probably looking at a composite out, not component - but I might be wrong there. If there are three cables for audio and video both (usually yellow, red and white) then it is almost certainly composite - a step above coax, but definitely not S-Video (round DIN type plug with little connectors) or Component (usually 3 cables for video only).
Now, most receiver won't convert between different types of video. If indeed your video out is composite (single yellow pin, the red and white carry R/L audio channels) and you want your receiver's output in S-video format, then Radio Shack has a little in-line device that converts from one to the other - composite in on one side, s-video out on other. Usually requires 2 cables to make it work. It ain't phenomenally great, but it will do the trick... and also in reverse, if for some unknown reason you wanted to downgrade the S-Video input.
Either way, you get the same kind of signal to the receiver - which can then forward it to the TV.
I use this little device to send my VCR's composite signal to the receiver as S-Video so I can use it to switch. While there is a little degradation, there isn't enough to eliminate the convenience factor...
Hope this helps!

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